[Free Ebook] Think Today! Dream Today! Work Today! By Birister Sharma

think today free ebook
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Many times you have heard that time and tide waits for none. It is very rightly said. Time and tide always follows its own flow and pace. It has no time to wait for anybody and for anything. In the similar way, our life is. Our life is a continuous process which began its journey right from our birth and end with our death; it needs continuous flow and pace.

If we ever try to halt its flow and pace, then it wouldn’t halt for us, because it is the rule of our life. It always maintains its own flow and pace. If there is life, there is flow and pace. If there is no life, there is no flow and no pace. Life means continuous flow and pace. The moment the flow and pace of life halt then the very moment there is a sudden death end.

Therefore, always follow the flow and pace of your life. Don’t miss it. Control your life. Manage your life. Maintain your life. Balance your life. And keep the momentum of your life. This is the rule of your life.

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