[Free Ebook] Izzy By Nick Jenkins

izzy free ebook
Free Ebook Synopsis:

PFC Rafer Pelham’s platoon on Gamma station L-27 has been decimated by recent enemy attacks, leaving the depot in ruins, all of their defences down, and minimal provisions for the remaining twelve Marines. While scrounging for food in a remote section of the depot, the men come across an old Istron robot. The device appears to be in working order, and they power it up.

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[Free Ebook] Jaed: The Cyborg Reborn By T.J. Quinn

jaed free ebook

Free Ebook Synopsis:

Jaed Tossed out of a Taucet’s vessel, Jaed found himself wounded and under the protection of a human female. She had found him on the snow, right after a big storm hit her small farm. She took care of him, giving him the needed time for his nanocybots to heal him and put him back on his feet. Certain the army would come for him as soon as the storm faded away, he didn’t try to escape, at least, not until he realized going back wasn’t an option. He had found love and he wasn’t willing to lose it.

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