Gwendolyn’s Revenge By Carrie Cross

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Thick fog ballooned over the Malibu sand on Zuma Beach. The slate-grey ocean was deadly still. A mansion that everyone in Shadow Hills thought was haunted perched silently, shrouded in shadow. The backyard contained a magic garden where an eighth-grade bully named Gwendolyn plotted revenge.

Gwendolyn opened her witchcraft box and looked at the nest of hair she had stolen from her cousin Skylar Robbins’s brush. She planned to use the teen sleuth’s shiny locks in a nasty spell. Maybe giving Skylar a giant patch of hairy warts. A year of horrendous dog breath. And loud, unstoppable farts whenever Skylar was around a cute boy! Unfortunately, Gwendolyn had skimmed the instructions and missed one very important step.

The first day of eighth grade was right around the corner. Bullies who had known Gwendolyn since third grade and called her Dumbdolyn and Zitface would be joining her again in a few short days. So, with the help of a friendly wizard and a stolen hank of Skylar’s hair, she performed a beautifying spell on herself before school started. But she ignored the old wizard’s warning: “Don’t let your ego turn you nasty. Or the spell will slowly reverse. Or worse.”

Would Gwendolyn start eighth grade with a new gorgeous face and long, lustrous hair? Or would her mean-spirited actions cause a series of embarrassing middle school disasters that no eight-grader could ever have imagined?

Gwendolyn’s Revenge is a fantasy novella that is a standalone read, and a mini-sequel to Skylar Robbins: The Mystery of Shadow Hills.

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