[Free Ebook] Wit & Wisdom to Inspire Yourself! Lead your life By Birister Sharma

wit and wisdom free ebook
Free Ebook Synopsis:

You need to inspire yourself every second, every minute, every hour, every day, every week, every month, and every year, because you’re like a growing and developing plant or tree. You’re always surrounded by many unwanted weeds like people, many thorny bushes like people, and many wild creepers like people.

Every time they will try to attack you with their negative remarks, negative ideas, negative approaches, negative actions and negative reactions. And they will influence you in such a way that you’ll start trapping yourself deeper and deeper in their negative cage like a helpless prey, and you’ll never get any clue to free yourself.

At that point of time, it is only you who can counterattack them strongly with your positive thoughts, positive ideas, positive approaches, and positive actions, and free yourself from the claws of their negatives.

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