[Free ebook] Visiting Dragons – Mana in the Modern World II By R. McCullough

visiting dragons free ebook
Free Ebook Synopsis:

It’s quiet this morning in the small city of Clovis, NM as few people are out and about at 6am on a Sunday. A strange looking cloud or… something begins to form very near the ground, almost in the middle of the street. It’s an upright rotating oval cloud approximately thirty feet high, maybe twenty feet at its widest point. An old car, weaving side to side, comes up the road, bumps up to disappear into the cloud.

It does not reappear on the other side of the cloud which has now thickened to four, or more, feet deep. Shortly afterwards, a black reptilian head came into sight from the cloud. That’s followed by its body with wings folded against the sides and a long narrow tail seen as the creature completely emerged. Its eyes are red, almost glowing as it fully emerged, stops, and looks side to side. Stretching out its wings briefly, it emits a loud roar and begins to move down the center of the street. Its glowing red talons partly melt the asphalt, causing small tendrils of smoke to rise. Screams are heard as cars crash and several figures are seen running away.

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