Stories of A Tortured Mind By Nikolas Cassian

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The first story, “The 3rd Abduction”, is all about the love and courage a teenage boy has to bring his brother back home after being abducted a year earlier. The story features a race of blue, shape-shifting aliens called the Atrian’s who invade Earth.

In order for civility to remain, the world leaders made a deal with the Atrian’s to sacrifice one person per year from each nation. The people are chosen at random, and anyone who gets in the way become a bonus for the Atrian’s. Teenage Rhys, and best-friend Alden believes they have what it takes to go against the grain to bring back their loved-ones.

The second story featured, “The Next Victim”, is a spin-off piece of an even larger series called The Blackwoods. It tells the tale of an old, innocent woman who lives her last day doing the same routine she does every day, only to be devoured by a monstrous creature the same night.

It also features a main character from The Blackwoods series, Bristol Blackwoods. The third story, “Unresponsive”, focuses on a man who relives the same day over and over again. Graham goes on a date with a beautiful woman that resembles his wife, who he believes has perished in a car crash a year prior.

Graham begins to realize the repetitiveness of all the events. The more he realizes what is happening the closer he feels like he’s fading away from reality.

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