[Free Ebook] Road of the Lost: Book One of the Judges Cycle By Aidan Russell

road of the lost free ebook
Free Ebook Synopsis:

Reslo, an outsider from birth, wants only to protect his mother forest and be home with his family. Instead, he finds himself thrust into disaster and ruin. The Dark Elves and their Ogre allies are rampaging through his forest homeland, spilling blood and sowing chaos on a quest to make the woods their own.

Not only must he contend against these intruders, but he must also keep alive two bungling, novice knights on a quest to find their lost sword and champion, and should they fail, their armies will march to war.

Road of the Lost is an epic-quest fantasy that features heroes pitted against world-shattering adversity.

The pages are filled with an abundance of intense, vivid, and consuming action. If you like classic fantasy with gritty combat and captivating heroes, then you’ll love this book!

”Road of the Lost is a thrilling fantasy adventure with action and humor…” – San Francisco Book Review.

”Road of the Lost is a fast-paced fantasy with an RPG feel… I really enjoyed the jocular, brotherly bickering of the two knights… This was a fun fantasy read.” – Manhattan Book Review

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