[Free Ebook] NSSB-1 WWll Military Thriller By Barry Buckingham

nssb1 free ebook
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NSSB-1.1938 and Nazi Germany walked into Czechoslovakia, the following year they invaded Poland. War was declared. The news of a top secret, supersonic bomber struck fear into the leaders of the free world. They were told it would have the capability of reaching any city on the planet within an hour. It had to be stopped.

The Hunt Trilogy. Book 1, Scavenger Hunt. Diamonds, are they worth the loss of two good friends? Coming to terms with the nightmare of what happened, Dave is given a second chance, then the nightmare started again. What they found blew their minds! What was under it could blow them away!

Book 2, Man Hunt. “I need to meet with your little group. We have a small… problem!” They thought the nightmare was over, they were wrong!

Book 3, Hunted. Revenge. Destroyer of lives. As far as he was concerned, not his problem. Adventure thriller:Barracuda Jewel. Lucy takes a group of students to Spain to finish off their training. Whilst diving in a local cove, one of the group, Lexi, finds a gold coin under an underwater cairn. Later that night a young couple overhear them talking about the find and the group soon find out that the sharks on land are just as dangerous as the ones in the water.

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