[Free Ebook] Internship hustle, expectations as against the harsh reality By Hillary Onyeanakwe

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Internship hustle, expectations as against the harsh reality is actually the first published work of Pharmacist Hillary Onyeanakwe. It is like a leap into the unknown. Despite being my first writing project, I assure you that it will be a read that won’t be another wasted precious time to you, and a good news is that it is free. Absolutely free, and a review and/or feedback would be greatly appreciated.

In this short story which is a nonfiction, I recounted my journey towards attaining my internship placement, which I am done with, as of now. Some of the narrations are done in the local parlance to bring the message closer to home. If there is any difficulty in getting through with the vernaculars (especially for readers that are not Nigerians), a direct message can be sent to my Facebook account with the same name, and I will think a way out to help that situation.

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