[Free Ebook] God, Why Am I Not Married? 9 Reasons You Might Still Be Single (Reason #1) By Stephanie Kekeocha

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Do you wonder why you’re still single? Why your marriage or relationships don’t seem to be working? Why God seems to be ignoring your prayers for a husband or better marriage?

In author Stephanie Kekeocha’s revised series, she still gives thought-provoking and insightful answers to these age-old complex questions that are sure to challenge and deepen your understanding of not just yourself and relationships but also God. Each book from this 9 book series, tackles one reason why man women and sometimes even men, don’t get their prayers for a spouse answered.

Coincidentally, these same reasons are also the basis for all types of problems within marriages and relationships. As each reason or misconception is identified and its spiritual roots explored, the way to eradicate them is explained. Along with these explanations are reflection questions for single and married women that can help them to identify if the given reason applies to them which is at the end of each book.

If they conclude that it does, the rest of the reflection section activities can be used to take steps towards deliverance and healing. There is also questions and activities for those who want to go through these reasons with a group. Whether you are married or single, reading these books by yourself or with a group; these books are packed with spiritual information and insight that makes it must a read for today’s women.

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