[Free Ebook] Fortress of Ruin By Travis Bughi

world of myth
Free Ebook Synopsis:

Takeo Karaoshi is not a patient man. In his fledgling quest to unite the world, he has already dodged assassination, taken possession of an enchanted sword, and slain the one responsible for betraying him; it’s an impressive list of feats by any measure.

Now, as Takeo moves to serve a new mistress, the Lady Zhenzhen Hanu, he finds himself in the same position as always: hated, distrusted, and underused. Sent on a fool’s mission to command a small band of youngsters in a fight to chase off a rogue band of Vikings, Takeo instead finds himself facing an unexpected enemy that threatens to topple the entire Hanu Empire.

The only things standing in the way are Takeo, his ambition, and those he’s willing to sacrifice. Blood is sure to flow.

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