[Free Ebook] Change Your Life With The Sweetness Of Love! By Birister Sharma

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Love is the food of our heart, mind and soul. Love is breath of our life. Without love our life is death or lifeless or meaningless or worthless. We can’t think or imagine anything without love.It is only love which gives us new meaning of our life. It is only love which teaches us the purpose of our life.

Love is the foundation of every relationship. Without love no relationships ever survive in this world. Love is the mother of everything in this world. Love is the only medicine which heals every wound of our life. We can state that love is the herb of our life.

Without love every creature will die in this world. Love is the only source of life in this entire world. Love is the life saving energy of every creature; love is the only power which combines and binds everything in one knot of togetherness. Love brings everything under one roof or in oneness.

Love is like air we breathe. Love is like water we drink. Love is like fire we get warm. Love is like earth where we live. Love is like the sky which is above us. Love is the element of our life.

Love yourself. Love your life. Love your world. Love your beloved ones. Love your friends.Love your neighbors. Love every creature of this world. Love is the only way to live in this world with happiness and peace. It is only love which will change your life.

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