[Free Ebook] Bridging the Gap, Conversations with Spirit, Who Was & Still Is Book II By Kimberly M. Quezada

bridging the gap free ebook
Free Ebook Synopsis:

There is mystery in all of life and there is mystery in the after of it. This is a collection of conversations with those that have now had the chance to experience both and tell their stories. I have also included talks with a couple of archangels that only give us comfort and security that even though times seem tough…it’s not forever.

We’re here on this earth to contribute something, whether that be our talents and our abilities or to just simply be a part of the whole that is evolving and changing faster than what we believe it to be.

Through these talks, I hope to share a sense of hope, of happiness, of peace than nothing is over. It’s only changed and with that change, we are able to receive one of the greatest gifts; unconditional love from so many that we feel we’ve lost and yet, they continue to surround us every single day whether we know it or not.

No one gets left behind. We only join forces and that is the message of Bridging the Gap.

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