Finding Autumn By William Murphy

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Liam Nolan is an accomplished philosopher, educator and former Soldier. His love for his wife Autumn and their children is unquestionable, but the untreated wounds to his brain took away his ability to feel the emotions he once had. His untreated condition drives him to suicidal thoughts, uncontrollable anger, and a disconnection from life as a whole. He finds that his only connection to life and return to some level of normalcy comes from the touch of his wife.

After his untimely, but natural death, he is resurrected by science 60 years later only to find that his wife is dead, a major war has changed society as a whole, and that his prior condition is cured. The penance for his resurrection is that he no longer has the ability to feel grief as he did before his death and is unable to mourn his wife that he so desperately knows he misses. As he is introduced to his ageing children in medically enhance but simple society; he begins to realize all that he took for granted in his prior life and how much happiness can be found in the world that he now knows.

Liam’s journey is an unknowing quest that teaches him to question his own philosophy, his religious beliefs and the science that brought him back to his children. Through the mediation and education of his last surviving friend Jay, Liam begins to understand the world around him and why it has become what it has become. He learns that his wife’s journeys has made her more famous than him and finds he falls in love with her again through the letters she wrote to him after his death. In the end, Liam finds himself in a moral decision of balancing faith, science and philosophy for the betterment of mankind and his quest to be with the women he loves.

I drew my literary inspiration for the book from The Goal, by Eliyahu M. Goldratt, The New Atlantis by Francis Bacon and Never Let Me Go by Kazuo Ishiguro. My story is intended to engage the reader about the need for balancing science/technology, religion and philosophy. That the quest for perfection in one only hinders the benefits of the others. My creative inspiration comes from my own experiences as a soldier who understands the hidden wounds of war, a man with an inspiring wife and a father who holds the hopes of a better world for his children.

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