Everyn – Gangsters & Aliens By David Gallie

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You can make excuses for your skin tone changing but you can’t hide the fact that your irises won’t stop moving. This is something 18 year old Everyn realizes when she wakes up one morning to find that her body is changing. Slowly transforming her from a normal eighteen year old to something far more exotic.

Not long after her body starts to change, Everyn learns the truth: She’s not from this world. However, she also learns that a particularly nasty group of people known as The Solars are hunting her.

Fortunately she has help in the form of Mr Jones.

Mr Jones is an agent for the Stargazer Foundation. A private company owned by three of America’s largest crime families. In a bid to protect Everyn from The Solars, and the alien race known as The Crayets, Jones must take her to New York, where the foundation will be able to keep her safe.

However, it quickly becomes apparent that unless Everyn is willing to sacrifice herself on the Techryon, an energy cannon sent to Earth by her mother, the Crayets will destroy everything she holds dear until they finally have her.

Will she run and hide or stand and fight?

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